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Hello my name is Canllaith! Welcome to this little rectangle part of the the internet where you can find some of the latest news, views, previews, and unique reviews on tech and gadgets.

I have always been passionate about technology and gadgets all my life. Ever since my youth, in the 90’s, I was meddling with Sega’s electronic pocket “computing” device that sported the latest infrared data transfer communication technology where I could send files to another person with the same device! But the thing was that I didn’t know anyone with the same device I could send files to! I guess it was too far ahead of its time. Perhaps a blog like this would have been useful to me at the time.

And that’s the goal of this tech and gadget blog, which is to be a source for your tech reconnaissance and due diligence before you adopt the tech, gadget, and/or product!

Visit us often for the latest in tach and gadgets. We’ll see you in the future!

Canllaith Tech & Gadget Reviews