Digital Cameras Are Dying

Digital Cameras Are Dying

In the past 10 years digital cameras have become obsolete and are a dying breed of photography technology. And that was fast! We still take digital pictures, but the camera technology and how we take those photos and videos have changed. And it’s going to change and evolve even faster!

Digital cameras are dead as we’ve known them, but taking photos and image content is ever so alive. This is due to social media becoming a major part of our lifestyles. In fact, most smartphones have superior camera technology built-in that surpasses what digital cameras can provide.

So, in efforts to evolve with technology and strive to be a resource for you about the photo and video technology of our world today.

There’s so much happening in the evolution of cameras. From 3D, action cameras, to 180 degree/360 cameras, and virtual reality cameras. It’s an exciting time for photography and videography. That is why we are going to be doing a featured section on the present to the future of cameras.

Stay tuned!

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