What Are VR Cameras?

What Are VR Cameras?

VR cameras, or virtual reality cameras, are cameras that captures video from 360 degrees to full all-around angles for the purpose of creating virtual reality videos and content.

Virtual reality has been becoming the latest craze in the late 2015 – 2016. With creative content being produced utilizing virtual reality, consumers can’t wait to produce their own content to share with the world.

Virtual reality video enables a viewer with compatible devices (i.e. mobile devices, tablets, etc.) to move the device to pan and around and view the video as if the viewer is in the video, hence the term virtual reality. You can view a sample VR video (360 video) by Discovery here. Compatible devices like an iPhone will enable you to pan around the scene by moving the phone. A compatible browser is needed to use the full functionality as well.

For even more subversive VR, peripherals are available such as VR goggles and glasses for a viewer to use to enhance the VR experience.

The next big step in the VR craze are the consumer VR cameras. A VR camera has multiple camera lenses to capture 360 degrees or an entire sphere of a scene. The video content is then downloaded to designated software where it generates the 360 enabled video.

Samsung 360 VR Camera

Major camera giants such as Samsung already have their versions of the VR camera out on the market. GoPro has developed a camera rig to use to take 360 content with the use of their video cameras.

We are at the dawn of a new age of content. With consumer VR cameras coming out, the world is going to change once again!

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