Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Next Gen Gaming System: What Do We Know So Far?

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Next Gen Gaming System What Do We Know So Far?

The gaming console industry has been seeing a lot of exciting stuff, hasn’t it? Back then we’ve heard rumors about the PS4 Pro, and the rumors turned out to be true. Then Microsoft responded by launching the Xbox S One with its light 4K capabilities. But now the company is upping the ante with their next gen Project Scorpio.

“Fanboys are already printing t-shirts for the Profect Scorio system.” Hawaii T-Shirt Printing

So what exactly do we know about this product? Here are a few tidbits, straight from Microsoft:

  • The CPU capabilities are impressive. Here you get 8 custom x86 cores at 2.3GHz. That’s a major upgrade from the Xbox One’s 8 custom Jaguar cores at 1.75GHz. It even beats the PS4 Pro with its 8 Jaguar cores at 2.1GHz.
  • It’s basically like putting a $200 AMD graphics card into a gaming console. That’s because it has 40 Radeon compute units at 1172MHz. That’s comparable to a Radeon RX 480 with its 36 Radeon Polaris compute units ranging from 1120 to 1266MHz.

It’s obviously much better than what you get with the Xbox One, with its mere 12 Radeon compute units at 853MHz. It even beats the PS4 Pro, as it only has 36 Radeon compute units at 911MHz. 

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Lucid Cam: The World’s 1st Consumer VR Camera

Lucid Cam: The World's 1st Consumer VR Camera

Before the Apple Watch there was the Pebble Watch. There’s definitely a respect for the smart watch technology that Pebble came out with way before the giants came into the market. And it’s bound to happen with the VR camera market.

Before Samsung revealed their VR camera, Lucid had already developed the world’s 1st consumer 3D VR camera. And it looks very promising. They are currently taking pre-orders for the Lucid as they had to raise funding on Indegogo to fulfill orders of what already has become a high demand product.

The Lucid camera 

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What Are VR Cameras?

What Are VR Cameras?

VR cameras, or virtual reality cameras, are cameras that captures video from 360 degrees to full all-around angles for the purpose of creating virtual reality videos and content.

Virtual reality has been becoming the latest craze in the late 2015 – 2016. With creative content being produced utilizing virtual reality, consumers can’t wait to produce their own content to share with the world.

Virtual reality video enables a viewer with compatible devices (i.e. mobile devices, tablets, etc.) to move the device to pan and around and view the video as if the viewer is in the video, hence the term virtual reality. You can view a sample VR video (360 video) by Discovery here. Compatible devices like an iPhone will enable you to pan around the scene by moving the phone. A compatible browser is needed to use the full functionality as well.

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Digital Cameras Are Dying

Digital Cameras Are Dying

In the past 10 years digital cameras have become obsolete and are a dying breed of photography technology. And that was fast! We still take digital pictures, but the camera technology and how we take those photos and videos have changed. And it’s going to change and evolve even faster!

Digital cameras are dead as we’ve known them, but taking photos and image content is ever so alive. This is due to social media becoming a major part of our lifestyles. In fact, most smartphones have superior camera technology built-in that surpasses what digital cameras can provide.

So, in efforts to evolve with technology and strive to be a resource for you about the photo and video technology of our world today.

There’s so much happening in the evolution of cameras. From 3D, action cameras, to 180 degree/360 cameras, and virtual reality cameras. It’s an exciting time for photography and videography. That is why we are going to be doing a featured section on the present to the future of cameras.

Stay tuned!

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Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones Review

Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones Review

Are you among those certified music lovers? If yes, you have probably looking for top quality sound output devices that will bring you to a whole new world of sound-tripping. Perhaps, you have heard about the Sennheiser HD 202. This is one of the most sought after headsets today. If you want to know more about this product, read this entire review.

Product Description

  • Classic wired (or wireless) headset design available in various colors
  • Comfortable foamed headset cans
  • Lightweight
  • All around compatibility
  • Easy to use headset
  • Hygienic with removable ear cups

Sennheiser HD 202 Headphones Review

Product Review

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VicTsing 3 in 1 Clip-On Camera Phone Lens

VicTsing 3 in Clip-On Camera Phone Lens

With VicTsing 3 in 1 Clip-On phone camera lens, you can take professional images right from your iPhone. These VicTsing lens are designed to give you a high class camera experience that can capture clearer images. Made from high quality lens, it can serve you for a long time without the need of buying a new one.

What customers love about VicTsing 3 in 1 Clip-On lens is that its humanizing design in which every detail is precisely enhanced can offer you the highest standard for capturing photos. The Super Macro lens is surrounded by transparent layer that has thoughtful design. The transparent layer is capable of fixing the distance of the object that you are going to capture. With distance, it can capture even the tiniest thing that you can imagine. The package includes a user manual, microfiber cleaning cloth, 2 lens caps and lens clips, a luxury protective case, fish-eye lens and macro lens, a hook and Super Macro lens. The additional freebies will surely work on giving a great camera experience because you have nothing else to look. All you need are provided for you in one complete package.

VicTsing 3 in 1 Clip-On Camera Phone Lens Review

Once you purchase the product, you will have a complete package of two universal clips and other supplemental features. You have nothing to worry because it comes with a set of tools that you can use when you want to screw off the lens and replace it with the other one. The clips have soft cushions that will protect your phone from getting scratches.

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Nomadclip Lightning to USB Carabiner Clip for Apple Devices

Nomadclip Lightning to USB Carabiner Clip Review

Nomadclip is one of the innovative smartphone cables that doubles as a carabiner. This gadget was introduced to me by a Hawaii plumber when he came to service a leak in my home’s wall.

When you use it to charge your phone, it works like a typical cable that’s used for charging. It also works in syncing your phone; what you need to do is just plug the other end on the USB port while another end on the mobile device.

The following are some of the features of the Nomadclip Lightning that you will surely love.

  • It’s there always – You really have nothing to worry because the carabiners offer you thousands of uses that are truly beneficial. Actually, the Nomadclip has an added one use because the hidden cable can serve as clip and charger at the same time. While your phone is charging, the clip can hold the phone for the meantime.

Mobile Charging Solutions

  • It’s a perfect fit – Everyone must try this Nomadclip because it offers several advantages for the user. You will have to build the stand for yourself. There are two choices for the cable – it’s either you choose the Micro USB Cable or the Lightning Cable. Either way, you will have a convenient time using the cables because they are designed to give a convenient user interface that most people will be able to use easily. You can use the cable in charging your phone or tablet. The Nomadclip will work for you in this endeavor. Whatever you choose between the two cables, they will both work for the cause.
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Best Bluetooth Headphones Out There? (February 2016)

QY8 Bluetooth Headphones Review

QY8 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Technological advancement has paved way for the development of Bluetooth headphones that are truly convenient for use anywhere you are. Everyone loves music whatever genre it can be. It’s as if we cannot live without music thus, this new fad of headphones offers an exciting music experience to all.

The QY8 Bluetooth Headphones are your new wireless sport headphones that fit to any style. Your music experience will never be the same as you used to before because the headphones are designed to offer a unique user experience. It has a 4.2 +ADR APT-X audio technology that provides a stereo quality sound. Its intelligent noise reduction technology gives you an extreme sound quality that will filter the noise from outside. The wireless earbuds are paralleled to deliver a noise-proof mechanism, giving you great music experience that is beyond the standard.

The best thing about QY8 Bluetooth headphones are its unique qualities that you can’t find anywhere. Here are its best qualities that suit your standards.

QY8 Headphones Review

  • QY8 headphones pair with two Bluetooth devices in one sitting – These headphones for iPhone 6 are not limited to pairing to a single Bluetooth device but it can have two devices at a time. Amazing, isn’t it? This latest offer for iPhone 6 is also compatible for other Android devices such as tablets and phones. Its ability to pair to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously is a quality that only QY8 headphones are capable. While paired with other devices, you can still answer calls and browse for music that you want to play. You can enjoy these commands simultaneously.
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Tesla’s Next Gen Battery Generators

Tesla's Next Gen Battery Generators

Tesla Powerwall: Things You Should Know about Tesla Battery Backups 

Lead-acid and deep-cycle batteries are two of the most and widely used in most renewable energy sources and most of all for grid-backup system. They are suited for this kind of application knowing that they have reliable and long life as well as low ownership cost. Tesla is one of the developers of powerful lead-acid and deep-cycle batteries that are being widely used these days. If you are among those people who are interested about Tesla’s energy innovations, it is necessary to understand technology behind it and factors affecting the battery life and its overall operation. Below are some of things you should know about Tesla battery backups that work with solar power:

Tesla Powerwall

This is a battery that charges by means of electricity that is generated from the solar panels or even when the rates of the utility are low. This powers the home during nighttime and fortifies against the power outages by means of providing supply of backup electricity. Tesla Powerwall is simple, compact, and automated that is why installing is much easier to do. Using this battery would give an assurance that your home would be provided with independence from grid utility and security of emergency backup. 

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