Lucid Cam: The World’s 1st Consumer VR Camera

Lucid Cam: The World's 1st Consumer VR Camera

Before the Apple Watch there was the Pebble Watch. There’s definitely a respect for the smart watch technology that Pebble came out with way before the giants came into the market. And it’s bound to happen with the VR camera market.

Before Samsung revealed their VR camera, Lucid had already developed the world’s 1st consumer 3D VR camera. And it looks very promising. They are currently taking pre-orders for the Lucid as they had to raise funding on Indegogo to fulfill orders of what already has become a high demand product.

The Lucid camera does look like a streamlined consumer product that anyone can carry around and use which is great! This is what I’m talking about when I said that VR cameras are going to change our world of content and experience, yet again. The Lucid cam takes 180 degree video in full 1080P high definition resolution. It is compact and built to be taken anywhere. So I can imagine a world of video content that enables us to watch it in full virtual reality with or with out VR peripherals. The potential immersive experience that can be taken and shared with a cadet like this is endless.

You can look at VR content as time machines. You can capture the content in 3D video, go back, watch it in 3D virtual reality and “re-live” the experience. A product like the Lucid came makes “going back in time” possible – the possibilities are unlimited.

Wear it on your hat or mount it on your body, the Lucid is meant to be a part of your world and go wherever you go so that you can capture those precious moments. It’s very practical for consumer use.

Much respect for the innovators and creators of Lucid for changing our world to come. Let’s see what the big giant companies come out with now!

UPDATED (June 15, 2016):

The Lucid Camera is still being funded and pre-orders are still being taken for early adopters on INDEGOGO. No official release date is stated.

Consumers can pre-order the following Lucid Camera packs.

Entertainer Pack $399 – 30% OFF suggested retail price. Includes 1st gen production of the LucidCam, selfie stick, and 5 cardboard VR boxes for you, your friends, and family to enjoy your VR content that is caught on the LucidCam.

Adventurer Pack $499 – with the LucidCam you get mounting clips for mounting your camera of various surfaces, a LucidCAP to wear your cam on your head to capture your view of the world, a chest mount to wear on your body to capture those active adventures, and the 5 cardboard VR boxes.

THE 360 Pack $1199 – YES! Lucid came out with a 360 degree camera! Whoa! This is a game changer! So now you are not just limited to a 180 video capture of your world, but a full 360 enabled view! This package will come with a proper mount to capture your full world experience.

Also check out the featured Traveler Pack ($2999) and their International Track Pack ($5999), where you get your LucidCam and the goodies and they fly you out to San Fransisco to adventure out and capture the world with your cam around Silicone Valley where the LucidCam was born. They never stop innovating. Check them out and support the innovation while capturing your world to share in virtual reality!

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