Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Next Gen Gaming System: What Do We Know So Far?

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Next Gen Gaming System What Do We Know So Far?

The gaming console industry has been seeing a lot of exciting stuff, hasn’t it? Back then we’ve heard rumors about the PS4 Pro, and the rumors turned out to be true. Then Microsoft responded by launching the Xbox S One with its light 4K capabilities. But now the company is upping the ante with their next gen Project Scorpio.

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So what exactly do we know about this product? Here are a few tidbits, straight from Microsoft:

  • The CPU capabilities are impressive. Here you get 8 custom x86 cores at 2.3GHz. That’s a major upgrade from the Xbox One’s 8 custom Jaguar cores at 1.75GHz. It even beats the PS4 Pro with its 8 Jaguar cores at 2.1GHz.
  • It’s basically like putting a $200 AMD graphics card into a gaming console. That’s because it has 40 Radeon compute units at 1172MHz. That’s comparable to a Radeon RX 480 with its 36 Radeon Polaris compute units ranging from 1120 to 1266MHz.

It’s obviously much better than what you get with the Xbox One, with its mere 12 Radeon compute units at 853MHz. It even beats the PS4 Pro, as it only has 36 Radeon compute units at 911MHz. 

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