Nomadclip Lightning to USB Carabiner Clip for Apple Devices

Nomadclip Lightning to USB Carabiner Clip Review

Nomadclip is one of the innovative smartphone cables that doubles as a carabiner. This gadget was introduced to me by a Hawaii plumber when he came to service a leak in my home’s wall.

When you use it to charge your phone, it works like a typical cable that’s used for charging. It also works in syncing your phone; what you need to do is just plug the other end on the USB port while another end on the mobile device.

The following are some of the features of the Nomadclip Lightning that you will surely love.

  • It’s there always – You really have nothing to worry because the carabiners offer you thousands of uses that are truly beneficial. Actually, the Nomadclip has an added one use because the hidden cable can serve as clip and charger at the same time. While your phone is charging, the clip can hold the phone for the meantime.

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  • It’s a perfect fit – Everyone must try this Nomadclip because it offers several advantages for the user. You will have to build the stand for yourself. There are two choices for the cable – it’s either you choose the Micro USB Cable or the Lightning Cable. Either way, you will have a convenient time using the cables because they are designed to give a convenient user interface that most people will be able to use easily. You can use the cable in charging your phone or tablet. The Nomadclip will work for you in this endeavor. Whatever you choose between the two cables, they will both work for the cause.

  • It’s strong and durable – Nomadclip is designed for long-term use since the materials used during the creation are durable. Built with precision, the steel is reinforced with a strong resistance to any outside force. It is made from polycarbonate with oversized welds in order to support the impact of anything that you will have to put on the clip. If you are thinking about the speed, there is no need to be bothered because it is supported by 24 amps and a 2.0 USB data. While you can use it as a charger, it also works for saving your important data.

NomadCLip has several differences from other similar brands in the market. Its unique structure is intended to create a great change on your charging experience. Not only that, you also have a tool for saving your data through the USB port on the product. It works both as a charging cable as well as carabiner although it is not really intended for climbing. The way the stainless core was cut was precise that you would not see any impairment on it.

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Those who have tried the NomadCLip Lightning Cable were pleased about the product because it serves several purposes in one. By only using the cable, you can have your phone charged while you can also save data. The NomadCLip allows you to have a variety of options whether what to use it for.

Never be stranded without a phone charger wire again!

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