Best Bluetooth Headphones Out There? (February 2016)

QY8 Bluetooth Headphones Review

QY8 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Technological advancement has paved way for the development of Bluetooth headphones that are truly convenient for use anywhere you are. Everyone loves music whatever genre it can be. It’s as if we cannot live without music thus, this new fad of headphones offers an exciting music experience to all.

The QY8 Bluetooth Headphones are your new wireless sport headphones that fit to any style. Your music experience will never be the same as you used to before because the headphones are designed to offer a unique user experience. It has a 4.2 +ADR APT-X audio technology that provides a stereo quality sound. Its intelligent noise reduction technology gives you an extreme sound quality that will filter the noise from outside. The wireless earbuds are paralleled to deliver a noise-proof mechanism, giving you great music experience that is beyond the standard.

The best thing about QY8 Bluetooth headphones are its unique qualities that you can’t find anywhere. Here are its best qualities that suit your standards.

QY8 Headphones Review

  • QY8 headphones pair with two Bluetooth devices in one sitting – These headphones for iPhone 6 are not limited to pairing to a single Bluetooth device but it can have two devices at a time. Amazing, isn’t it? This latest offer for iPhone 6 is also compatible for other Android devices such as tablets and phones. Its ability to pair to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously is a quality that only QY8 headphones are capable. While paired with other devices, you can still answer calls and browse for music that you want to play. You can enjoy these commands simultaneously.

  • QY8 headphones gives you longer time to listen to songs

This Bluetooth headset can run and work for longer time than your usual headphones. It can stay longer with the beat because of its polymer 80mAh battery. Meanwhile for a Bluetooth wireless device, it can last up to 7 hours of talking and playing while on the standby mode. This is beyond your expected sport headphone that you have been dreaming of.

  • QY8 headphones never puts you on hold for adventure

It never holds back for giving you a great user experience. Even if you set the Bluetooth device 10 meters away, it will still work just as the way you expect. Its mic functionality will not stop working out for you to answer any call. You should know that it is sweatproof so even if you spent several hours in jogging or doing an intensive physical workout, it will give you the same quality sound.

  • QY8 headphones offers a convenient user interface

All the control systems are so easy to navigate. Selection of song and volume adjustment all work easily for you. It all goes on your Bluetooth headset. You will have nothing to ask for because you have the convenience to use for any purpose while you’re doing your workout.

QY8 Bluetooth Earphones Review

Overall, the QY8 Bluetooth headphones are extremely able to bring you the highest satisfactory music experience. To all music lovers out there who are after getting unique headphones, this one is the best choice for you.

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